Chik Kwai study hall, Lai Uk Tsuen, Hong Kong


I’m grateful to Malcolm Oakes for not only recommending a visit here but also sending me some terrific directions to get to Lai Uk Tsuen and its hidden Chik Kwai study hall. It was also a great excuse to get out of the city into the New Territories. The study hall is believed to have been constructed by

Visited: 26 January 2018

There was also a beautiful ‘mansion’ with veggie patches adjacent to the study hall.


Po Leung Kuk, Hong Kong


Po Leung Kuk was established by Chinese Hong Kong merchants to rescue kidnapped women and children. They still provide welfare services today. Thanks to Natalie Fong for recommending a visit.

The interior walls of the PLK building were filled with honour boards with photographic portraits printed on tiles of major donors to this quasi-government Chinese charity. Note lovely hair styles on the women. Also a beautiful identity badge.

Amanda Rasmussen and I were also excited to see donation plaques for Wing On and Sincere two of three companies who were key donors to Po Leung Kok in 1930-1931.

Visited: 28 January 2018