2021 Leong-Lim Family History

This book will tell the story of two families who over several generations moved backwards and forwards between southern China, Australia and Hong Kong. Sons in both families left their home villages in southern China in the 1890s to seek their fortunes in Australia – one to set up a general store in Ingham, Queensland and the other as a furniture manufacturer in Melbourne, Victoria. They were both successful and ended up working in Hong Kong in the 1920s and 1930s. The children in their families however found their way back to Australia. While studying at the University of Melbourne Richard Leong met Jean Lim who had returned with her family to Melbourne after being born in Hong Kong. This next generation started their married life in Melbourne then Ingham but most of their children were born in Hong Kong in the 1950s. In the early 1960s the family returned to Australia where their children were educated in Geelong and Melbourne.

Photograph taken to celebrate the birth of George Leong Yip Wing’s first son, Raymond, Hong Kong, c1917. Left to right: Sook-Chun, Yee Por with her first son Raymond (standing on chair in special outfit), George Leong Yip-Wing (with cane), Ah-Por and her eldest daughter Sook-Woon.
[Courtesy Leong-Lim family]

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