2022: Treasures of Dai Gum San

Having completed a Significance Assessment of the Golden Dragon Museum’s collection, it has been wonderful to have the opportunity to work as a Research Curator on this joint exhibition between the Bendigo Art Gallery and the Golden Dragon Museum, ‘Treasures of Dai Gum San: Chinese artistry from the Golden Dragon Museum’.

I really enjoyed exploring in detail the skills and techniques that have gone into making items from within the Golden Dragon Museum’s collection. One of my favourite discoveries was this video that details how the magnificent headdresses ((戲曲盔頭 ) that feature in Cantonese and Beijing opera are made.

This exhibition opened at the Bendigo Art Gallery on 20 August 2022 and runs until 19 February 2023. It has been such a pleasure working with Clare Needham (Bendigo Art Gallery), Megan Hall (Golden Dragon Museum) and Leigh McKinnon (Golden Dragon Museum) and of course the rest of the team at the Bendigo Art Gallery and the Golden Dragon Museum on this project.

Media: ABC Central Victoria, ‘Intricate Chinese artefacts have travelled down the road to Bendigo Art Gallery’, https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/vic-statewide-mornings/chinese-art/101371614, 25 Aug 2022 and https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-27/treasures-of-dai-gum-san-bendigo-art-gallery/101357340, 27 Aug 2022..

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Fan banner (detail), QIng dynasty late 19th century kingfisher feathers silk, paper wood, hand-cut mirrors. Bendigo Chinese Association Collection, Golden Dragon Museum

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