2023 See Yup Temple: Its history and heritage

See Yup Temple façade, 2005

I was pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the City of Port Phillip and the See Yup Society again to present this talk and tour as part of the National Trusty National Heritage Festival (https://www.nationaltrust.org.au/ahf_event/talk-and-tour-the-see-yup-temple-its-history-and-heritage).

I spoke on the history and heritage of the See Yup Society (est. 1854) and Temple (built 1856) and this was preceded by a special tour of the Temple building and grounds, including an introduction to cultural and religious practices by See Yup Society Committee Member, Pauline Poh Liang Tam. This event was booked out and we received terrific feedback from all who attended.

Sophie Couchman, Michael Lam (See Yup Society), Pauline Poh Liang Tam (See Yup Society), Anne Scambary (City of Port Phillip),
Desmond Cheung (See Yup Society)

6 May 2023

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