2014 Bridge of Memories


Alex Tseng, arrived in Australia from Hong Kong. Photograph: Chinese Museum

Through personal accounts told by contemporary Chinese Australians, ‘Bridge of Memories: Exploring identity, diversity, community’ is a video exhibition which explores the story of migrants of Chinese descent (from China and SE Asia) who have come to Australia in the last 50 years.

This project involved translating this exhibition, which was on permenant display at the Chinese Museum, into simplified Chinese, redeveloping it as an exhibition to tour China and finally touring the exhibition to four cities in China – all from my desk in Melbourne!

I learnt an enormous amount about the challenges of working in China and coordinating the construction and tour of an exhibition when you are not on the ground to liaise and supervise things and you don’t speak the dominant language. I was also responsible for managing the project budget, meeting sponsorship requirements, acquitting grants and seeking further sponsorship.

Exhibition venues:
– Raffles Shopping Centre, Chengdu (9-18 Jun 2014)
– Jinan University Library, Guangzhou (25-30 Jun 2014)
– Guangdong Museum of Overseas Chinese Residing Abroad (1 Jul to 31 Aug 2014)
– Renmin University, Beijing (10-15 Sep 2014)
– Shanghai Library (4 -13 Nov 2014)
– East China Normal University, Shanghai (17-28 Nov 2014)

Project role: Project manager

Website: Bridge of Memories: Exploring identity, diversity, community, Chinese Museum website

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