2020 Warrnambool Chinese families and their place in Australia’s Chinese history

From the Artso family who served in both World Wars to the Chinese who cultivated market gardens, the Warrnambool area has a surprisingly rich Chinese history. Using this local history as a starting point, this lecture will explore Australia’s long Chinese history and challenge you to think about the point at which Australia’s Chinese history simply becomes Australian history.

This lecture given to the Warrnambool branch of the University of the Third Age was researched and presented from my desk in locked down Melbourne! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to delve into the rich Chinese history of a rural Victorian town without a goldrushes history.

Warrnambool Physical Culture Club: The Pioneer Club of the Sandow system, c.1910s. George Ringold Artso (1883-1955), son of William Ah Chow and Martha Hammond, stands in the second row from the top on the far right.
(Courtesy: Geoff Artso, https://chia.chinesemuseum.com.au/objects/D003823.htm)

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