2020 St Kilda Main Drain: A pandemic project

With Melbourne in lockdown during the pandemic and most of my public speaking engagements cancelled I turned my historical eye to things closer to home. It gave me the opportunity to delve into the history of a local stormwater drain. It was a historical journey that not only gave me the opportunity to explore more of my local area but also opened my eyes to just how close to the surface our pre-colonial landscape really is and how this landscape has shaped the streetscapes we walk today. The outcome was a short blogpost and then, with the encouragement of the Melbourne History Workshop, my first podcast, published as part of the My Marvellous Melbourne podcast series.
Shakespeare rove Main Drain (formerly St Kilda Main Drain) from Pakington Street Reserve looking down Lynott Street, St Kilda, 2020 (Photographer: Sophie Couchman)

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