2023 Castlemaine Art Museum (Historical Collection) Significance Assessment

Deborah Peart (Honorary Conservator) and Sophie Couchman examine red silk embroidered Chinese textile at the Castlemaine Art Museum, 2023

This Significance Assessment has provided a fascinating opportunity to explore the history of historical collecting and museums. The Castlemaine Art Museum was founded in 1913 and now has a collection of over 2,000 artworks and 4,000 historical artefacts reflecting the early history of the district. Established before most historical societies and local history museums, its historical collection offers a window into early understandings of what of things have local historical meaning to people, and how the kinds of histories we write shape what we preserve for the future. It was a particular treat to examine their collection of pieces which can be linked to the two Ten Foot Hill Joss Houses that formerly stood in Castlemaine.

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