2023 Presentation at Loong Community Symposium

Golden Dragon Museum collection (a selection)

After preparing a Significance Assessment of the Golden Dragon Museum’s collection in 2021 I was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss some of my findings at this Loong Community Symposium. The presentations were fascinating and I particularly enjoyed the questions and discussion that arose from audience questions.

This symposium, held on Sunday 5 March 2023, explored the Chinese cultural heritage in the Bendigo region, intergenerational memory and tradition, and the role of imperial dragon Loong in the retention of cultural tradition in Bendigo, Australia. The program included presentations from specialist historians, researchers and conservators as they discuss the history, significance and recent conservation work to preserve Loong, the oldest surviving complete processional dragon in the world.

Chinese diaspora, the significance of the Golden Dragon Museum collections, and the importance of Loong to community


Dr Keir Reeves Federation University

Dr Sophie Couchman Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, La Trobe University and Honorary Research Associate, Museums Victoria (at 39:22 mark)

Mr Leigh McKinnon Researcher, Golden Dragon Museum

Q& A Moderator Mr Doug Lougoon (at 1:34 mark)

Preserving Chinese cultural material, a case study in the conservation of Loong


Dr Holly Jones-Amin Team Leader – Object, Textiles and Archaeology Conservation

Ms Megan Hall Collection Manager, Golden Dragon Museum

Ms Marica Mucic Conservator, Objects and Archaeology

Dr Reyhane Mirabootalebi Principal Conservator, Textiles

Dr Evan Tindal Principal Conservator, Objects

Q& A Moderator – Ms Penny Tripp

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