Chinese Australian Hometown Heritage Tours

Tour photo 7

Restoration works, Cangdong village, Kaiping. Photograph: Jonathan O’Donnell

After running three tours in three years Kate and I are taking a break in 2020 but we continue to plan new tours for the future!

What fun! I get to assist the delightful Dr Kate Bagnall run tours for Chinese Australian family historians to villages in southern China.

After spending some time exploring Hong Kong’s connections to Australia’s Chinese communities we take a ferry across to southern China where we experience the diversity of southern Chinese history and culture.

Together we explore a range of different kinds of villages from the very humble to the world heritage listed. Throughout the tour we enjoy local food, chat to villagers and share Chinese Australian stories.

Project role: Tour guide
Next tour: Register your interest here to be notified of our next tour.

Website: Hometown Heritage Tours, Kate Bagnall’s website

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