‘You can’t do that!’, Melbourne Museum

You can’t do that!’ was one of three exhibitions at Melbourne Museum that I went and saw with my mum recently. I really do love an exhibition where you can read all the text and take in all that is on display. I used to think, ‘oh let visitors pick and choose what they are interested in’, but actually the more I reflect on how I approach exhibitions as a visitor the more I think that is the job of the curator, of the people making the exhibition, to decide what is important and to find the best story to share with me.

‘You can’t do that!’ brought together a selection of costumes, photographs, video and musical soundtrack. The video interviews really tied the exhibition together and brought the personal into each of these stories of people who succeeded despite the nay-sayers. I also liked really like the design of the cabinets which were quirky and fun. Sound spill was a bit a bit of an issue but audio technology always comes with a price tag. It’s difficult not to pick favourites when you go to a fashion exhibition. My pick were the three Christopher Graf frocks.

Visited: 28 April 2018

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